About Us

Our Values

Safety - Provincial Pole considers safety of paramount importance. With training and education, Provincial Pole emphasizes the significance of personal responsibility to all staff.

Quality - Provincial Pole is passionate about our industry. Our reputation depends on our delivered value to every customer and community we work with.


Ethics - Provincial Pole is uncompromising in its decision to value honesty, integrity and standards over profit.


Entrepreneurship - Provincial Pole is enthusiastic in pursuit of growth, profits and unmatched success; realizing our greatest asset is our people and our support for them to reach their greatest potential.

Environment - Provincial Pole places high importance on sustainability of our work practices - the impact it may have on our environment and support for communities.

Our Company

Founded in 1991 by Tim Oickle and Steve Christiansen, Provincial Pole Specialists (PPSI) developed a reputation for successfully completing challenging and complex projects. With the extensive knowledge from ownership and staff, PPSI has established itself as the largest pole maintenance subcontractor in Canada. Understanding that utility companies require a dependable contractor that completes projects on-time and under budget has been an important factor in the company’s success.


Manitoba based since 1995, PPSI has a dominant presence in central Canada securing large multiyear contracts. PPSI maintains a 20+ year relationships with Manitoba Hydro and Alberta’s private energy companies. Including the well-established relationship with SaskPower, PPSI currently inspects and treats well beyond 250,000 poles every year under the IPM program alone.

In 2020, PPSI was acquired by Osmose Utilities Services, Inc., headquartered in the United States of America. As an industry leader with more than 80 years of diverse experience as a foundation, Osmose leverages decades of inspection data, using analytics to help customers understand their asset health and optimize their approach to structure maintenance. Osmose also provides corrosion mitigation and engineered repair for steel structures, structural load analysis, and a variety of turnkey infrastructure enhancement and upgrade solutions.