Integrated Pole Maintenance (IPM)

IPM is a maintenance program designed to identify and treat distribution, sub-transmission, and transmission wood poles. 


During the inspection process, relevant information is logged electronically including year, class, height, and style. To establish the overall health and hardware integrity of the asset a visual inspection is performed, sounding to assess for voids above grade, and drilling holes test for decay below grade.

Understanding and assessing flaws in the asset, a treatment process can be preformed above and below grade using chemical wraps and wood preservers to prevent any further specific types of damage.

The asset is logged into a database and tagged identifying the year treated, company employed, and treatment(s) preformed.

Instituting the inspection and maintenance program has the ability to double the life of a company's infrastructure. Furthermore, preventative maintenance identifies problem areas before dangerous

situations worsen.

Grounding and Resistance Testing

Grounding is an important service providing companies with testing and a resistance reading in Ohms to determine areas prone to surges and endangering the system with avoidable damage

to infrastructure.

Once an area has been found to have higher resistance in the grounding network Provincial Pole Specialists will install 10 foot copper clad steel rod up to 100 feet underground testing after each rod for resistance until acceptable readings are achieved. As the resistance is reduced on sites among the grid, the entire grid resistance is lowered improving a much larger area through preventative maintenance.

3rd Party Supervision & Compliance

Provincial Pole Specialists provides a 3rd Party Supervision and Compliance Service to all work relating to utility maintenance services including vegetation management/tree trimming and IPM. Working with companies providing data collection and work audits gives peace of mind to our employers allowing them to allocate resources to areas better suited.

Steel Stubbing

Steel stubbing is preformed when an asset is found to have minor defects identified and treated during the IPM program, but strength has been compromised. A contoured steel plate is driven below grade, flush with one side of the pole then banded to the pole using steel bands and banding clamps. This will increase the poles tensile strength, restoring the integrity of the asset.

Pole Replacement and Line Rebuilds

Provincial Pole Specialists provides a wide range of distribution line maintenance including rebuilds, greenfield construction, grounding mitigation, pole & streetlight replacement, transformer testing, hardware replacement, trenching and Hydrovac services.

Special Services

Data Collection

Using our developed and owned program for locating and logging information onto a central database.


The location and identification of underground circuits.


Tagging poles for utility asset tracking.

Steel Tower Inspections

The inspection of corrosion, structural welds and concrete integrity.


An applied coating to provide extra protection to wood utility poles against wildfires.

Substation IPM

Maintenance in these areas are vital and require additional safety measures.

Winter IPM

For areas only accessible in the winter months, IPM is available with adaptations.