Wood Pole Inspection & Life Extension

Wood pole inspection and life extension is designed to identify and treat distribution, sub-transmission, and transmission wood poles. 

During the inspection process, relevant information is logged electronically including year, class, height, and style. To establish the overall health and hardware integrity of the asset a visual inspection is performed, sounding to assess for voids above grade, and drilling holes test for decay below grade.

Understanding and assessing flaws in the asset, a treatment process can be performed above and below grade using wood preservatives in the form of wraps, pastes, and internal treatments to prevent any further specific types of damage.

The asset is logged into a database and tagged identifying the year treated, company employed, and treatment(s) preformed.

Instituting the inspection and maintenance program has the ability to double the life of a company's infrastructure. Furthermore, preventative maintenance identifies problem areas before dangerous

situations worsen.

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