Underground Services

Power Survey - Mobile Contact Voltage Detection

PPSI's Power Survey mobile detection solutions provide utilities with unmatched intelligence and visibility into the health of their underground distribution systems and assets. Using a combination of cutting-edge electric field detection technology and purpose-built data systems, we proactively scan utility systems and detect electrical faults before they can impact utilities. This results in enhanced public safety, improved energy efficiency, and optimized asset management and reliability.

Underground Services_PowerSurvey Underground Services_PowerSurvey

Our capital expenditure programmatic approach to secondary system management provides accurate asset assessments, helping electric utilities:

  • Improve public and worker safety

  • Improve system reliability through intelligent asset management

  • Reduce costly energy losses and carbon footprint

  • Reduce emergency and unscheduled O&M costs

  • Prevent risk and cost of failure or premature replacement of structures

  • Avoid service interruptions

When our systems identify active faults within underground infrastructure, customer utilities are immediately made aware of the impaired assets so they may respond accordingly. All data collected in the field is organized and accessible in real-time through both automated reports and our web-based geospatial software application. We also maintain a secure long-term historical repository of all customer scanning results and identified faults. This repository is instantly accessible online and includes detailed event data, survey history, and imagery.

Underground Vault Inspection

PPSI field technicians are trained to open padmount structures, perform data collection, execute routine maintenance activities, test for stray voltage, and check for hazardous conditions or other reliability concerns in or around the structure.  PPSI can also access sub-surface structures (manholes, vaults) to perform an inventory of internal equipment.

URD Padmount Inspection

Aged, corroded and severely weathered padmount transformers can contribute to outages, safety hazards and customer complaints. The majority of America’s underground distribution systems are more than 30 years old.

PPSI padmount transformer inspection and maintenance programs are supported by the company’s commitment to safety, training, project management, and effective applications of technology.  PPSI crews are trained and certified to:

  • Safely inspect padmount transformers

  • Identify potentially troublesome conditions

  • Record accurate inventory information

  • Remove debris, insects, and pests to help reduce the possibility of electrical failure

  • Apply pesticides inside the cabinet to help prevent future pest activity

Laser-guided infrared can be used to detect elevated temperatures on critical transformer components, such as primary elbow connections.

Padmount IR measurement Padmount IR measurement

Padmount transformers that are not level can overheat and fail. PPSI crews can correct this condition by leveling the pad and back-filling with materials specifically formulated for this task.

PPSI inspection and maintenance techniques can help improve the safety, reliability, and appearance of padmount transformers and cabinets, adding years to their useful service life.

Exterior Inspection

  • Site clearing

  • Evaluation of pad condition

  • Cabinet leveling

  • Cabinet repair

  • Replacement of security lock

  • Replacement of penta bolt

  • Painting

  • Tag and decal replacement

Padmount Before and After Padmount Before and After

The coating system used by PPSI incorporates a rust-converting primer to help prevent further corrosion. The top coat is specifically designed to protect the cabinet from harsh environmental conditions. Reconditioning the cabinet through repair, painting, and replacement of warning signs can help to maintain cabinet integrity and also satisfies the demand for visually appealing equipment in residential areas.

Interior Inspection

  • Cleaning and removal of debris, insect, and animals

  • Pesticide application

  • Tag and label replacement

  • Infrared inspection

  • Grounding assessment

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